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What is the best thing to feed my dog? Is my dog getting the right food? Is vet food the best choice for my dog? These questions are presented to The Dog’s Assistant every day. Choosing the right kibble or home prepared food program for your dog can be very challenging. Most of the professionals that dog owner’s talk to about dog food are selling dog food! This can often leave you wondering “is this really a good food, or is this person just selling me something?”

We give advice on dog food with absolutely no bias because we don’t sell dog food! Nutrition counselling at The Dog’s Assistant is strictly for the benefit of you and your dog, and we guide you to make educated, researched choices about providing your dog with the healthiest food possible while staying within your two most important budgets - time and money.

Erica Garven is a Certified Canine Nutrition Specialist who can help you decide what kibble is best for your dog, or design home prepared meals (cooked or raw) for your dog using simple, easy to prepare ingredients. Consults can be done by email, over the phone or in person, and we always work with sources that are available in your neighbourhood. Nutrition can sometimes affect a dog’s behaviour, both positively and negatively, and consults to improve your dog’s behaviour through nutrition can be booked, but are in-home only. The Dog’s Assistant is an ethical company who cannot provide canine behaviour related advice without seeing the dog first hand.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you feed your dog to better health!!

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The Dog’s Assistant is proud to support your option to use organic, locally grown sources for home prepared diets and nutrition supplements. We have access to an incredible network of farmers, local markets and organic meats and vegetables available to you in Ontario.

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