Behaviour Training

Welcome to the first step in making a happier life for and your dog! Behaviour problems often lead to frustration, resentment and feeling out of control – for both you and your dog. Resolving or managing unwanted behaviour leads to a simpler life for both of you, and can create a bond between owner and dog that you may have never thought possible.

The Dog’s Assistant provides in-home behaviour consulting for dogs in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton and the GTA for all types of dogs with all types of behaviour issues. All of our work is based on Solutions for the Whole Dog – including a complete assessment of your dog’s behaviour, trainability, lifestyle, personality and breed disposition. We provide you with realistic, one on one coaching in a setting that you are comfortable in and at scheduled times that work for you. Why do our clients love us? Because we will explain the how and the WHY about bad behaviour, and the choices we make to correct it. Our behaviour programs will leave you with a better understanding of your dog, and fully equipped to address any situation your dog presents to you because you will understand him, and what you need to do to help him.

Our single goal is to improve the quality of life that you share with your dog. We achieve this by resolving the behaviours that cause you frustration, and by teaching simple ways to communicate with your dog so that she always knows when she is right, and when she is wrong. Our methods are modified to meet the needs of each of our unique clients, so you never end up working with your dog in a way that makes you uncomfortable, or with methods that you don’t understand or believe in.

We provide behaviour consulting and training for dogs with all kinds of issues, backgrounds and abilities. Here are just a few:

  • Rescue or Shelter dogs
  • Aggressive dogs
  • Dogs with separation anxiety
  • Dogs who won’t walk on the leash
  • Dogs who don’t like other dogs
  • Preparing a dog for the arrival of your baby
  • Family integration, such as step-families or moving
  • Behaviour issues in dogs with health problems
  • Dogs who bark too much
  • Dogs who jump up
  • Dogs that dig
  • Dogs who won’t eat
  • Dogs who guard their food or toys
  • And much, much more!

Contact us today to set up your first appointment! Consults are available during the week, daytimes or evenings. If you’d like more information about our training methods.

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This pin holds it all together

By using Solutions for the Whole Dog, we will review your dog’s:

  • history
  • genetic predisposition (breed traits)
  • energy level
  • trainability
  • relationship with you and your family
  • health and nutrition
  • priorities, such as praise, play or food
  • equipment options, i.e. special collars
  • living arrangements and sleeping arrangements
  • entertainment choices, like play, toys and treats
  • relationships with other dogs and other people
  • daily structure and routine

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